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You don’t have to be an experienced writer to contribute to our internet site but we do need the best and usually welcome vibrant new guest writers be participants. While you put up your contribution to us, we know you’ll discover it a tough and profitable experience.

While you guest post on our site you’ll be operating with tremendous editors who will provide professional constructive remarks and recommendation to help you to hold to learn about writing large and thrilling subjects and communicating your ideas to others.

Guest posting will assist you to input to our established community and share your content material with new human beings allowing you to get your message throughout to more readers.

Your work could be studied by millions as we reach an international audience and change lives with inspiring, academic and nice content, which you can be part of.

Experienced Writers are also Welcome to Contribute to Our Trimega lab Website

Both our readers and community could enjoy the submission of thrilling ideas and contributions from skilled guest writers. Our readers experience a variety of different subjects, views and writing styles that the different writers convey to the site. The set up author can gain from a new and fresh target audience and assist you to connect with new human beings from our community

Write for Us – What We are Looking for at Trimega Labs

Before you post your writing and become a guest author for us, please observe the content on our website so you can emulate our style and shape and to keep away from sending content material that is too much like present articles.

Ensure your contribution is authentic, informative, unique to us and has not been posted before. We do not condone plagiarism and check all writing submitted. Republishing of content is not authorised; but, if you wish to publish on your personal private site permission must be sought first.

Don’t forget to check grammar, punctuation and spelling, as this could make an outstanding piece of writing a bore to read. It is also worth adding phrases people could use to search for content material on the subject you are writing about. For optimum impact, a punchy title and primary line alongside the most relevant and interesting facts near the beginning of the content.

We accept a number of suggestions from guest writers which might be from 500 to 1500 words and consist of applicable helpful links and pics, if appropriate. Visible content consisting of authentic photographic imagery engages and conjures up the reader and additionally sparks their interest to study more of the facts on offer.

Contact Trimega Labs

To share your contribution and to get your message out to thousands of people worldwide is easy. To become a contributor and write for us, just email your guest blog to Email

If you would like to ask a question or would like more information about writing for us and submitting a contribution to our site please give our helpful team a call today on Phone.

Do you want to share your writing skills with our visitors? Do you have content that will motivate and challenge our readers?  Get in touch with us. Your content doesn’t have to be revolutionary. It simply needs to add value to your target audience in the addiction niche.

Writing for us is richly rewarding. You can showcase your work to clients, publishers and influencers in the niche. You will also learn a great deal on how to communicate your ideas effectively.

Sending Us A Pitch

We will accept a rough draft or a short pitch combined with an outline. Please be as succinct as possible in your submission. Tell us why your content matters to our audience. This will enable us to give the best possible response.

  • We do not publish content that has appeared elsewhere.
  • We do not accept press releases or promotional content. Contact us about advertisement if you need to publish such content.

Before submitting your content, please take a look at our recently published posts to understand the tone, formatting and structuring we expect of you. Generally, your content should meet the following criteria:

  • Has a clear argument and thesis
  • Be interesting and has a human element
  • Will be valuable to people in the addiction niche, from patients to industry experts

Types of Content you can Submit to us

Short articles: These should be between 500 and 600 words.

Articles: These should be between 600 and 1,500 words.

Features: These should be between 1,500 and 2,500 words and must meet our stringent editorial standards.

Submitting your Article

Send us an email with your submission. Our editors will provide additional guidance and feedback. You should consider submitting as a Google Document as it will allow editors to offer all feedback within the draft for easy understanding. Send all documents as a Word document. Do not send us a zip file unless explicitly requested.

Our Review Process:

  • Our in-house editors will review your submission and decide whether it meets our requirements. The submission will be discussed by the review team if it meets the requirements.
  • Feedback from the review meeting will be communicated to you with notes for improvement where necessary.
  • After you address the corrections made and send back your submission, the review team will meet again to make a decision on whether to accept it.
  • If your article is accepted, an editor will work closely with you on important details like argumentation, style and organisation.
  • When revisions are complete, we will communicate a date at which your content will go live.

Our process is designed to make sure we do not let our audience down with the quality of content they are served. So contact us right away to discuss your content today!

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