The Vital Role E-Liquid Plays To Help Smokers Quit

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Most people who are in tune with mainstream science and health will be fully aware that e-cigarettes have emerged as a viable smoking cessation method.

E-cigarettes have evolved immeasurably over the last ten years, beginning with a simple device to replicate the smoking cessation and developing into hugely powerful and entertaining mod devices with varied flavours and unique functionality.

Now, vaping has become an expansive and diversified culture that transcends the smoking cessation culture. There are around 2.8 million vapers in the UK alone and the vaping phenomenon is present all over the world.

E-Cigarette Quality Control

If you’re not heard of the TPD before, it’s part of the Tobacco Products Directive (article 20). Although designed for cigarettes, e-cigarettes were included in the legislation.

“The UK Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 implement the TPD in the UK, and came into force on 20 May 2016. Part 6 of the regulations sets out the requirements for e-cigarettes and refill containers. The TPD ensures minimum standards for the safety and quality of all e-cigarettes and refill containers (otherwise known as e-liquids) including use of a cleanroom during the manufacturing process.” – Phillip Godden, Westbury Cleanrooms

E-Liquid now has to be made with EU or USA pharma grade nicotine. At present this excludes Chinese manufacturers, and generally assures consumers of a superior product.

Vaping Trends

The popularity can largely be attributed to the remarkable success and scientific positivity that surrounds vaping.

Vaping is widely considered as the best and most popular method of quitting. E-cigarettes were found to be 95% safer than regular cigarettes by revered and influential health body Public Health England.

But what makes the e-cig such a success? What makes vaping and vapers tick?

E-liquid is the driving force behind the vaping culture that gives it such variety and flavour. E-liquid, in case you’re unaware, is the substance created from vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine and a flavouring that is heated and turns in the vapour that is inhaled by the user, recreating the sensation of smoking.

Hugely variable and even customisable, there is a stunning range of e-liquid available. Ranging from tobacco flavours to fruit and dessert concoctions, the healthy supply of numerous e-liquids prevents the culture from going stale.


E-Liquid Flavours

36% of vapers say they “prefer the flavours and taste” of e-cigarettes over regular tobacco smoke. Writer Anselm says the terrific range of e-liquid flavours stops vapers from returning to smoking.

“Many vapers rotate flavours through the day to allow them to continue vaping. And most importantly, these vapers report that without flavours, they are likely to return to smoking,” says Anselm.

“This is crucial, because evidence demonstrates that e-cigarettes pose less than 5 percent of the risk of potentially fatal illness presented by combustible tobacco cigarettes. Encouraging smokers to switch to e-cigarettes offers the opportunity to improve public health outcomes tremendously.”

Beyond the quitting smoking element of vaping, e-liquid seems to be playing an even bigger role in health and fitness than expected.

Some vapers have actually used the stunning array of e-liquid flavours to prevent them from snacking on sweets. It’s widely known that those who quit smoking tend to put on a few pounds as nicotine is an appetite suppressant.

James Price, a former smoker and a vaper of four years, told Motherboard that vaping has helped him keep the weight off.

“It was probably a good year before I realised that I had actually replaced snacking with vaping.”

“I was a snack grabber, I really was, and I realized that when I’d get the urges in my mind, something just took over. I’d think about getting candy and then go grab a liquid I had made instead without even thinking.”

Similarly, a Redditor said: “Whenever I get a craving for something sweet, I just vape instead of eating a sleeve of Oreos.”

However, not everything is hunky dory. The Food and Drug Administration in the US and the EU have began a regulatory process that will restrict e-cigarettes, e-liquids and vaping.

It remains to be seen how the regulations will affect vaping and the vaping community.


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