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Ten Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol Today

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Are you considering quitting alcohol but still aren’t sure how doing so benefits you or why you shouldn’t simply adhere to the new government guidelines on alcohol intake?

First, it’s worth noting that while the guidelines propose 14 units per week as a safe limit, that limit doesn’t entirely eliminate the many health risks that accompany alcohol consumption. The only thing that you can do is abstain from the substance.

Here are ten reasons you should ditch the recommended limit and embrace abstinence from alcohol:


You Lose Some Weight

A gram of alcohol equals 7 calories. Weigh that against a gram of carbohydrate or protein, which is 4 calories, and it becomes obvious that alcohol is fattening. Drinking the recommended 14 units of alcohol (6 glasses of 13% wine or 6 pints of 4% beer) per week gives you nearly 1200 calories (that’s four burgers or the calories you can burn in 115 mins of running). When you now consider that alcohol temporarily stops the body from burning fat, you begin to see why quitting alcohol consumption is paramount if you are looking to lose weight.

You Sleep Better

While drinking alcohol before bedtime can make you sleep faster, you need to understand that alcohol actually lightens sleep. It may also leave you waking up frequently at night and finding it difficult to fall back to sleep. Further it increases the risk of obstructive sleep apnoea, suppresses REM, and thus you may not feel well rested by morning.

Your Health Improves

Alcohol can inflict serious damage to critical parts of your body like the liver, nervous system, heart, brain, and stomach, causing medical side effects like stomach problems, cancer, sexual dysfunctions, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. Thus stopping alcohol can improve the general health of your system.

Your Skin Improves

Alcohol generally dehydrates the body. That’s including the skin. And drinking too much alcohol can divest the skin of essential nutrients and vitamins. It’s no wonder that the skin grows dull and greyish when one drinks alcohol consistently. Stopping alcohol will bring your skin back to normal with time.


Improve Brain Functions

Alcohol has a great impact on brain functions, including the parts that control speech, judgement, memory, and movement. This is why drunkenness usually comes with slurred speech, impulsive behaviour, lapses in memory, and walking difficulty. It stands to reason that when you abstain from alcohol, your brain’s functions will improve.

Improve Stomach Health

Apart from the fact that alcohol can lead to paunchy stomach, it also incites the production of more acid, which puts the stomach at great discomfort. Hence, stopping alcohol intake can benefit the health of your stomach and reduce your risk of stomach pains and nausea.

Improve Your Finance

Needless to say, alcohol expends money. And the fact that addiction can leave one drinking more than they planned to means that more money was spent on drinking. According to Macmillan Cancer Support, an average UK citizen spends £787 per year on alcohol. Imagine what heavy alcohol users now spend and imagine how much you can save per year if you quit drinking.

Also, alcohol is associated with gambling and impulsive behaviour, which put drinkers at the risk of making poor financial judgements every day they consume alcohol.

More Time for Important Things

 Consider the time you spend thinking of alcohol and drinking it. The worst part is the time spent recovering from its influence. It’s no longer news that alcoholics tend to miss work, school, appointments, and other important things in their life. When you quit drinking, you don’t only free up the time you usually dedicate to alcohol, you also become more able to make the most of your time in general.

Your Wellbeing Improves

Not only does the drinking of alcohol come with extreme agitation or anxiety, alcoholics tend to develop apathy towards their wellbeing, including appearance and hygiene. Stopping your intake of alcohol would only make you more attentive to these things and minimise your agitation. Thus your wellbeing improves. Set yourself a goal like attempting a breathtaking guided tour of Mont Blanc. Knowing you’ve not only beaten your demons but accomplished one of the greatest walks in the world is a sure fire way to stay sober for the future.

Reduced Risk of Drug Addiction.

With regular intake of alcohol, the body becomes more resistant to the ‘high’ it produces, which means users may be compelled to up their intake to achieve the desired effect. This can push them into consuming stronger substances like heroin, cocaine, meth, and the likes, which are highly addictive.

Quitting alcohol now will spare you the risk of becoming addicted to it or even upgrading to the mentioned substance.

There is nothing as liberating as transcending a bad habit, an addiction, or the abuse of a substance. The fulfilment and bliss that come with knowing that alcohol has no power over you is addiction worth indulging. Why not quit alcohol today and see your life improve for the better?

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