Smart Drugs: Debunking some of the most popular myths

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“Smart drugs”, better known as nootropics are a major topic of conversation online today. In the midst of the plethora of information surrounding these compounds and the efforts of exuberant marketers, some truths have been distorted. This piece addresses some of the most popular misconceptions, to show you a clear picture of what nootropics can and cannot do.

“All nootropics work like NZT-48”

NZT-48 is the focus pill used in the movie Limitless. In the movie, the pill is portrayed as being able to transform users into geniuses and millionaires. Some news outlets have also used the “Limitless” movie in headlines about Nootropics, fanning the flame of this myth even stronger. Nootropics are cognitive enhancers which mean they can improve mental energy, concentration and learning focus. They will only give you the edge you need to probably accomplish more than what you are currently doing.

“There are no side-effects”

In composition, nootropics have very low toxicity. However, since we all have unique body compositions, there is no ruling out side effects in some individuals. This is why experts place emphasis on ingesting the lowest recommended dosage at any point in time. Beginners are generally asked to start with some of nutritional nootropics and older chemical nootropics that have been in use for longer periods.

 “You don’t need nutrition, hard work or sleep”

This is a dangerous myth. Like all other supplements, nootropics can only work when you maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle. Nootropics can help you get through a tough night of work but you can’t realistically expect to use it for 3-4 nights in a week without damaging your body system. If you ingest nootropics regularly without adequate nutrition, exercise and quality sleep, it is only a matter of time before your creaks under the heavy burden.

“You must feel the impact instantly”

It is perfectly normal to not feel the immediate impact of the nootropics after taking the first one. Regardless of what reviews and marketers say, you must remember that body chemistry varies from one person to another. Whilst a particular compound can show results in another person in 15 minutes, you could wait more than a couple of hours to see any results. Don’t overdose or change the compound at the first time of asking.


Before you start taking any nootropics, you need to devote time to perfectly understanding how it works. Unfounded generalisations can do more harm than good. Look beyond the hype and marketing speak to fully understand what a specific compound can do for you before you start using it. This is the only way to reap any of the benefits that come with using “smart drugs” while maintaining optimal bodily functions.


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