Sanctuary Lodge, Essex: One of UK’s Most Leading Detox and Rehab Centres

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Sanctuary Lodge, Essex (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) is one of the foremost providers of rehab and detox services in the UK that helps clients to become free from addictions and other behavioural disorders. Sanctuary Lodge is based in Halstead, on Hedingham Road, with a strong team of well-trained, highly skilled, and experienced addiction practitioners who have been delivering quality results for a long time. At Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, we treat various forms of behavioural disorders and addictions including drugs, alcohol, sex, anxiety, trauma, and gambling. With the expertise and experience of our addiction counsellors and practitioners, we can assure you that at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, you will recover from your addiction and other behavioural or cognitive difficulties in a short time.

Reasons to Opt in for Sanctuary Lodge, Essex Detox and Rehab Program in the UK

Addiction happens when you develop a physiological or psychological dependence on a substance (like alcohol and meth) or activity (like sex and gambling), even when that dependence wreak havocs in your life. When addiction strikes, it can lead to serious health complications. It has a bad effect on a lot of things in people’s lives, including their relationships, performances at work and school, their dreams, and even their future. To get back your life, you first need proper addiction treatment from a reputable rehab and detox centre. Visit Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, if you are a UK resident or are looking to receive addiction treatment in the country.

Sanctuary Lodge Rehab Facility in Essex is Conducive

To recover from addiction, an addict has to first realise that they have a sickness and step forward to get help. However, many people cherish their privacy. Hence, some patients may get discouraged and resign to addiction simply because of the lack of a conducive environment for detoxification and rehabilitation. Therefore, a conducive environment is essential for successful detox and rehabilitation. Patients prefer rehab and detox clinics that are welcoming, that guarantee’s their client’s privacy, and that doesn’t encourage stigmatisation—a clinic where they wouldn’t be judged by other patients, visitors, or the professional staff at the clinic. Do you want an encouraging setting and complete confidentiality during the administration of your rehab and detox programme? We are here to give you that. At Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, our state of the art rehabilitation

At Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, our state of the art rehabilitation centre has 24 double bedrooms each with its own private bathroom. Our rehab facility is designed to make the environment conducive for our clients and allow them settle in seamlessly. At Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, we provide a conducive environment that allows our clients to relax and focus their energy on dispelling stress and shutting out distractions to cultivate a new and better lifestyle.

“Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, provides a conducive environment that allows their clients to relax and focus their energy on dispelling stress and shutting out distractions to cultivate a new and better lifestyle.” as stated by a member of Essex County Council.

Client-Centric Detox and Rehab Solutions at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex

Over the years, Sanctuary Lodge, Essex has discovered that the addiction challenges of our clients vary, and all their needs cannot be handled in the same manner. Therefore, our system is structured based on the various needs of our clients to make sure they are each provided with unique treatment requirements. When a new client arrives at our facility, we will carry out a comprehensive evaluation to determine the treatment regime required to positively change the lifestyle of the client. We make sure to treat every client independent from others. That way, we ensure that every detox and rehab programme has a high chance of success.

Sanctuary Lodge Provides Fully Supervised Detox and Rehab Programmes

Withdrawal symptoms (some mild, some severe) usually accompany addiction. It’s not uncommon to experience these symptoms during detox and rehab—worse, they can lead to physical and mental health issues. It’s because of this that we provide our detox programmes at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, under specialised medical supervision. Patients go through a series of tests to determine whether they have pre-existing medical conditions that can complicate during detox. Any complication that arises is treated with urgency, since each patient is monitored throughout detox. In severe cases, our practitioners may offer withdrawal symptom alleviation prescriptions.

Registered and Respected Addiction Counsellors at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex

When looking for an addiction treatment, you definitely want to enrol in a clinic that has what it takes. You want medical experts handling your case. A good number of quality assurance bodies in the field has approved our detox and rehab clinic. Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, for instance, is a part of UKAT. Our unwavering dedication to making life enjoyable and meaningful for our clients has seen Sanctuary Lodge, Essex receive certification from Care Quality Commission (CQC) as supported by Braintree District Council.

Our Detox and Rehab Services at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex Are Affordable

Addicts may shy away from seeking help for a number of reasons. Cost is one of them. It’s not difficult for some people to lose hope when they can’t afford the cost of receiving treatment. We want to help you with detox and rehab, not to dissuade you from getting help. At Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, we provide rehab solutions at unrivalled rates. We are focused on providing advanced rehab solutions to help our clients get through addictions, and enjoy a life of freedom. Our rehabilitation programmes are well-structured and successful enough to be worth every penny you spend. Our addiction counsellors are experienced in designing effective strategies to help clients overcome the burden of addiction and other behavioural disorders.

Start Your Journey to A Better Life at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex

Deeply formed in the mind, addiction should not be ignored. Stopping addiction does not happen easily. Many addicts have tried to stop it but were not successful. Hence, they accept their condition as normal, and continue with no plans to change their habits in the future. Nevertheless, we can assist addicts to completely transform their situations. Let us help you reclaim your life. We want to help you fight and defeat those gnawing urges so you can put addiction behind. We want to help you walk that difficult road to recovery. We strive to ensure that our clients can end their addictions and get back to being the best versions of their selves. We are here to help them extricate their lives from addiction and rediscover their dreams and the path to their future.

Get in touch with Sanctuary Lodge, Essex now to start your rehab programme.

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