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Five Myths About Passing a Drug Test Debunked

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No one wants to test ‘positive’ in a drug test, even if they are chronic heavy users of drugs. This is why some people scour the internet for tips on how to pass their tests. Unfortunately, there are many of such tips, but most of them are misguided. Below are some of them and what the actual facts are.

  • A Drug Test Is a Prerequisite for Gaining Employment

It’s usually said in high schools and universities that all employers require their prospective employees to pass a drug test. This may be true for many professions, especially engineering, medicine, sports, law enforcement, and driving jobs. Beyond those, many employers don’t really pay much attention to whether or not their employees are using drugs, so far as those employees are delivering quality and productivity.

This doesn’t mean you should start using drugs. It only means that former drug users can still secure employment, depending on the industry in which they want to enter.

  • Exercising Heavily Prior to a Drug Test Can Help Pass the Test

This depends on how frequently you smoke and how well in advance you begin your exercising. While exercising heavily a month or more before a drug test will improve your metabolism and help quicken the process of your system ridding itself of the metabolites of the drug you consumed, thus possibly turning the drug test in your favour, working out a day or two before the test is definitely not going to have any noticeable effect.

Also, if you are a heavy user, it’s very unlikely that exercising can help you and if the testing method employed is that of hair follicles, your chances of passing the test decreases further.

  • Drinking a Lot of Water Before a Drug Test Can Help Make It Negative

Drinking a lot of water, no doubt, will dilute your urine and perhaps make it a tad difficult to detect THC in it. But diluted urine also implies diluted creatinine, whose levels most drug tests also tracks. This can trigger further tests, and if hair testing is employed, you will test positive.

  • You Can Fail a Drug Test Due to Second-Hand Smoke

Unless you locked yourself up in an unventilated room filled with people smoking weed the previous day or frequently, it’s highly unlikely for you to register positive in a test for the substance being smoked. This is because it’s not possible for you to inhale as much passive smoke in an open area as to raise your THC levels above the limits.

  • All Weed Strains Linger in Your System for the Same Period of Time

This is false. The psychoactive effects of some weed strains are more potent than those of other strains. In the same way, the psychoactive elements and metabolites of the more potent weed strains last longer in the body than those of the less potent ones. For example, the marijuana strain Satori (28% high THC) lasts longer in the system than Red Dragon (22.7% high THC).

Now that these myths have been clarified, the only way to not register positive in a drug test is to not use drugs. It’s that simple. If you are already using or recently stopped using, then it’s too late to hope for a negative result. The solution is to desist from drugs and give it time—sometimes even years to clear from your system.


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