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Do You Need to Undergo a Drug Test?

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There are many circumstances (lawful obligations and signs of abuse or intoxication) that warrant a drug test. If you find yourself or someone close to you–a family member, a friend, an employee–in such a circumstance, a drug test is recommended. If like many other people you don’t know how to discern some or most of those circumstances, this guide will help you clarify that.

Why You Need to Undergo a Drug Test


A drug test can be volunteered for, requested, or imposed. Here are the circumstances:


  • If you are exhibiting signs or/and symptoms of drug abuse or addiction, then you definitely need a drug test.


  • There are many instances where the law obligates drug tests. For example, during child custody cases, when you are involved in an accident, when the police find your ‘driving’ suspicious, when reapplying for a driver’s licence after a disqualification, or when the court of law sanctions a drug test.


  • You may have to undergo a drug test if your family (parents or spouse) request it. This usually happens when a family member notices signs of abuse or addiction. It can also happen during divorce or child custody cases.


  • The company you (want to) work for or an organisation you are associated with can request a drug test.


  • You may be required to undergo a drug test in order to participate in some events, where drugs can influence your performance for better or for worse. This is especially true for sport events.


Usually, if your drug test registers positive, you will be undergo various other tests to check for addiction and determine how you can start getting help immediately.


When You or Your Loved One Needs a Drug Test


If you are unsure that you need a drug test, or are wondering whether or not a family member needs one, then chances are that you or that family member most certainly needs the test. It’s simple. You being unsure equally means you are not confident that your use of a drug doesn’t border on abuse or addiction, or that the signs or symptoms you or a family member exhibits don’t suggest abuse or addiction.


Here are the most common signs that you need a drug test:


  • You want to stop using a drug or reduce your intake of it, but can’t.


  • You consume more of a drug than planned or prescribed.


  • You dedicate more time than planned using a certain drug.


  • You can’t stop using the drug, even though it’s wreaking havoc on your physical, psychological, social, family or/and legal life.


  • You spend much time trying to procure a drug, consuming it, or/and recovering from its effects.


  • Your use of the drug leads you to abandoning your responsibilities and activities you love.


  • You experience withdrawal symptoms whenever you stop using the drug, and the symptoms disappear when you start using it again.


  • You begin to need higher doses of the drug with time in order to achieve the desired euphoria.


Remember, the reason for drug testing is not to judge you, but to determine if your use of drugs has become an abuse or addiction and, if so, to get you help immediately before your condition worsens. Always get tested when you are in doubt or simply abstain from illegal drugs and adhere to your doctor’s legal drug prescriptions.


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