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Do hair detox products really work?

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Hair detox products have become popular amongst substance abusers, especially those who find themselves in situations where they must undergo drug testing.

In recent times; many companies have implemented policies where they carry out confidential drug tests on both new employees and existing ones. These drug tests usually carry severe penalties once failed and are usually a source of worry for many casual drug abusers. It is because of these severe implications that many drug abusers find themselves seeking a way to bypass these tests, using as many methods as possible.

What method is the most effective?


There are several methods institutions use in testing for drug abuse. However, the more reliable method has been shown to be the analysis of hair follicles. This is because hair follicles are said to be able to contain particles of ingested substances for up to a period of three months, and sometimes even more.

Also, because abused substances ingested by a drug user are usually heavily present in the bloodstream after being metabolized and are usually deposited into the hair follicles along with other substances as they move through the bloodstream. Since very little metabolic action occurs on the hair, these substances can remain in the hair shaft for months until the hair is cut.

What do hair detox products claim?

Many hair products claim to possess ‘Purifying ingredients’ that strip away and wash out traces of ingested substances, making it difficult for hair analysis tests to find these substances, while ensuring their customers are able to pass the administered drug tests. Many even claim to possess extra ingredients that make your hair look healthier and richer, giving you not only immunity to hair analysis drug tests, but also a significant cosmetic boost. These claims are backed by actual testimonies from customers and expert sources and are followed with rigorous instructions for use.

What do hair detox products actually do?


Hair detox products contain a huge amount of a harsh mix of acidic and alkaline chemicals, which are required to strip away the natural bodily fluids coating the hair, and then condition the hair respectively.  This conditioning is to offset the harsh acidic environment that the earlier chemicals have created, and it is safe to note that this is extremely tasking on your hair and can damage it severely if used over and over again.

Does this actually work?


Many hair analysis tests conduct analysis on hair samples at the molecular level- meaning that they are able to conduct analysis on the protein composition of each hair sample. This is important to note as this means that each hair sample is broken down and analyzed for trace amounts of substance metabolites present in the hair follicular cells. The only way a hair shampoo will be able to remove trace amounts of substances from the hair follicle will be to damage the protein matrix of the hair. Not only will this cause severe hair breakage, it will also be readily detected by the hair analysis labs and the result will be effectively discarded.

While many users may give stellar testimonies regarding their experience with hair detox shampoos, it is rarely due to the usage of these products, but simply because they may have fallen into the 15% margin of error given by the hair analysis tests. Usually on a second test they end up being a lot less fortunate than they were in the first one.

In a nutshell it is absolutely imperative you understand that hair detox products do not work.


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