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5 Amusing Myths about Drug Tests Debunked

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We have heard many old gym tales about drug tests and some of them have stuck around for so long that they are beginning to sound true.

Nobody enjoys taking drug tests, even when they are clean. Perhaps because of the belief that some foods contain substances which could test positive for drugs. This is the sort of myth this post aims to debunk (or confirm). Without much ado, here are 5 myths about drug tests guaranteed to make you smile.

  1. All drug tests are urine tests

Wouldn’t it be so easy if this were true? Although urine tests are the cheapest and easiest to carry out in large amounts, not all drugs can be identified from them. For example, Ultram would require more in-depth blood test to detect in your system.

Hair tests are usually the most complicated, as they can reveal your past habits from as far back as 90 days. And unless you are going to show up bald at your drug test, there’s no way to cheat. Saliva tests are not as complicated because they contain substances from only 3 days ago.

  1. Second-hand smoking can make you fail a drug test

This one has been going around for a while. Passive inhalation of tetra-hydro-cannabinol (THC), the active component in marijuana cannot accumulate in substantial quantities to show up in a drug test. With this knowledge, you don’t necessarily have to leave the room the next time someone lights up- however, you could be putting yourself in a tempting situation.

  1. Drinking copious quantities of water makes it harder to detect THC

While this might have a hint of truth, as drinking too much water dilutes the urine, you could be doing yourself a disfavour eventually. Many drug tests are performed to detect levels of creatinine -a by-product of digestion. Excess quantities of water may well dilute THC and make it harder to detect, but it will also dilute creatinine concentrations thus raising red flags. When this occurs, the lab technicians will request more potent samples such as hair or blood.

  1. All companies will expect you to pass a drug test

Many companies do conduct drug tests for potential employees, but not all. Besides industries like medical, aviation or engineering, other sectors may not care much about the contents of your system as long as it’s not during official hours. But to be on the safe side, it is better to check the company’s policies.

  1. Heavy exercise before a test guarantees a pass

This is not true for all substances. For smokers, this bit might be true, but only if you’ve got enough time for the test. A heads-up of three to four weeks might guarantee a pass if you detox properly and spend every week at the gym.

Unfortunately, if your tester requests a sudden test, you are going to be sussed out. They say the most effective tests are the unexpected ones. You can bet they know that too.

By the way, some foods do create false-positive results in a drug test, so stay clear of poppy seed bagels and snack bars weeks ahead of your drug test.

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